30 days, 16+ exercises! Get your dog in shape for the most common obstacle in agility....JUMPS!

A fitness class focused exclusively on jumping. This class will most benefit the agility dog, but any dog who participates in sports with jumping can benefit. Think your dog loves to jump and might be a good agility prospect? This is the class for you! Recommended for dogs over 8 months old. Dr. Leslie Eide has focused on jumping and jump fitness for dogs for the last 8 years with succes on many different levels. She has taught jumping exercises and fitness all over the world.

While the main focus of this class is fitness for jumping, Dr. Leslie can help with jumping issues. Most of the time strength is the biggest issue for jumping problems, but misjudgement of where to jump and how high to jump can be addressed.

Go at your own pace or get Dr. Leslie's feedback for the first 6 weeks. 

Equipment needed:

5 jumps, a barrel, and two platforms. Other fitness equipment can come in handy but not required. 


  • Analyze Your Dog's Jumping
  • Baseline Jump Grids
  • Advanced Baseline Grid
  • Tuck Push Rock Kick (Tuck Sit - Push Forward Stand - Rock Back Sit - Kickback Stand
  • Sit Jump Grid
  • Barrel Wraps
  • Baseline In the Middle Grid
  • Declarative Jump Offering
  • Wing Figure 8s
  • Hands & Feet
  • Hops <-> Hiccups
  • Equipment Jumps (Box Jumps)
  • Collection/Extension Grid
  • Height Grid
  • Cavaletti Work
  • Accelerate/Decelerate
  • Burpees
  • Bonus: Jumping Workouts

Example of Video Feedback:

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